Detailed Agenda
and Rules
November 7, 2021, at 11:00 we walk from the famous Broken Chair point in front of the United Nations to World Health Organizations headquarters and back.

It's a 40 minutes walk.

We'll make sure that it would be Something.
If you live in Geneva, come and help at 10:00
11:00–12:00 Dress-Up

  • Get a Black Body Bag from the Site Coordinator.
  • Put it on by yourself or ask your fellow neighbor to help you.
  • Come to the Balloon point and get the inflated balloon.
  • Take #SmokersRights respirator from your bag and wear it — it's cool and safe!
  • Please, make sure that your body bag is not preventing you from moving safely and comfortably.

12:00–13:00 The Walk

  • At 12:00 Geneva time, we will start The Walk.
  • We carefully cross the road and proceed on the path.
  • Follow Site Coordinators and Organizers. Move safely. It's no rush.
  • Please, don't go on the road, be courteous to other people.
  • If you have any difficulties — find Site Coordinators or Organizers and they will help.
  1. We will spend 15 minutes near the W.H.O. headquarter to make sure they've noticed.
13:00–14:00 Break

  • We are returning to the meeting point where you will have a break.
  • Take your time with the new friends you got in this event.


Post your pictures and videos with #SmokersRights in your social media accounts and tag us @SmokersRightsMovement to get a chance for winning the super prize at the end of this month. We will send it to the most liked photo and video authors!

We leave at 15:00.
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