One day before the World Health Organization meets again on the subject of Tobacco Control.

For 73 years, this organization has failed to stop the #1 cause of deaths in the world.

They made smokers feel guilty. They silenced those who speak the truth. They demonized, obstructed, and lobbied to ban any healthier substitutes for decades. They did everything except their job — making sure that smoking doesn't kill 50% of users.

Join us near U.N. and W.H.O. headquarters to send them a message WE ARE COMING!
NOVEMBER 7, 2021
November 7, 2021, at 11:00 we walk from the famous Broken Chair point in front of the United Nations to the World Health Organization headquarters and back.

It's a 40 minute walk.
Detailed Agenda and Rules

We'll make sure it's really something.
If you live in Geneva, come and help at 10:00
They treat smokers as dead and put us in body bags. Let's show them that we don't plan to die.

We're going to prepare free body bags that can keep you alive! Giant floating balloons will make us more visible.
It's going to look awesome!

We encourage you to prepare own signs, but we will help you on the spot as well. If you're not comfortable wearing the costume, that's ok! Just walk with us.
11:00–12:00 Dress-Up

  • Get a Black Body Bag from the Site Coordinator.
  • Put it on by yourself or ask your fellow neighbor to help you.
  • Come to the Balloon point and get the inflated balloon.
  • Take #SmokersRights respirator from your bag and wear it — it's cool and safe!
  • Please, make sure that your body bag is not preventing you from moving safely and comfortably.

12:00–13:00 The Walk

  • At 12:00 Geneva time, we will start The Walk.
  • We carefully cross the road and proceed on the path.
  • Follow Site Coordinators and Organizers. Move safely. It's no rush.
  • Please, don't go on the road, be courteous to other people.
  • If you have any difficulties — find Site Coordinators or Organizers and they will help.
  • We will spend 15 minutes near the W.H.O. headquarter to make sure they've noticed.
13:00–14:00 Break

  • We are returning to the meeting point where you will have a break.
  • Take your time with the new friends you got in this event.


Post your pictures and videos with #SmokersRights in your social media accounts and tag us @SmokersRightsMovement to get a chance for winning the super prize at the end of this month. We will send it to the most liked photo and video authors!

We leave at 15:00.


The Smokers Rights Movement is a long road. Things won't happen overnight. My name is Max and I worked in Tobacco Harm Reduction for more than 10 years. I moved from IT because the potential benefit of T.H.R. is more than anything else I know. And because it really saved me.

I was an engineer and entrepreneur for half of my life. Never thought that I would be doing anything like this. But it can't continue anymore... People lied and people are dying-every 4 seconds one more smoker.

Today SRM is privately funded by me and co-funded by great people who put their souls into the Movement. Tomorrow, I'm sure, many more will join.

There are no commercial goals, no Big Tobacco, no billionaires behind. Just one gigantic opportunity to help radically improve the lives of every fifth person in existence.
Max Kosenko
21 October, 2021
In order for us to put everyday smokers first, we have to take on the powerful and corrupting influence of big money. We are 100% people-funded.